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New starter welcome campaign

We were tasked with taking Royal Mail’s Employee Welcome Brochure and implementing a creative refresh to the content and overall look and feel, based on the existing materials.

Royal Mail workers

Royal Mail were looking for something that would step away from the typical, mundane feeling that a corporate information booklet can encapsulate. The new brochure needed to be accessible offline and online with clickable navigation and links to external content.

Whilst considering Royal Mail’s brand guidelines, we thought about ways to create a friendly, engaging document that the end-user would find appealing, especially digitally.

The Solution

The illustrations and photography we created demonstrate a diverse workforce and audience. This was crucial in highlighting Royal Mail as a company which promotes and supports equality and diversity on all fronts.

Royal Mail

The Results

The final result is a strong and engaging employee welcome experience that is easily navigable and user-friendly, with feedback from interviewed new starters being really positive.

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