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Gtech vacuum


Social media & online content creation

Boost customer engagement and grow the Gtech online Community of consumers of cordless, rechargeable, home and garden appliances.

Gtech behind the scenes

Gtech were looking to engage new customers on social media and we initially helped them identify their key audiences of; first-time buyers, established homeowners, and their core market of the over-60s. We developed a digital campaign with bespoke assets that targeted each of these different segments.


The Solution

To drive Gtech’s product benefit of easy-to-use cordless cleaning, the campaign featured playful videos of people dancing around their homes to music while vacuuming with a variety of Gtech products.

Alongside the paid ads, we amplified the campaign with a UGC social media competition inviting people to share videos of their own housework dancing routines for a chance to win a new Gtech vacuum.

The Results

The “Vac with nothing holding you back” campaign expanded brand awareness among new audiences, and drove website purchases generating an estimated return on ad spend of 150%.


return on ad spend investment

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