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Facebook & Instagram ad campaign

Fujifilm was looking to market their new X-A3 entry-level digital camera to an audience that was young, social media savvy, and tied to their smartphones as far as photography was concerned.


FUJIFILM's aim was to boost their presence in this lower-end camera market, where Nikon and Canon had previously excelled, and so we were challenged with increasing product/brand awareness, web traffic and online sales to their designated retail partner, Jessops.com.

Targeting their key audience, we asked ourselves why a photographer takes a picture, and what feelings transpire through this experience. Using these scenarios, we focused on a range of emotive touchpoints and then used the varying emotions as the key selling points, as opposed to focusing on the functionality of the product. Once we had the concept, we focused on targeted social advertising in the form of Facebook and Instagram.

Fuji video

The Solution

We implemented this concept by setting up carousel, canvas and video social media campaigns which optimised traffic towards designated third party retailer Jessops.com. By doing this we were able to remarket to users that had previously visited the site but were yet to convert to purchase. The more traffic that was driven, the more people could be targeted with our message, key to keeping the CPA low.

Further to this, we carried out a prospecting campaign around lookalike audiences of users that had recently purchased a Fujifilm camera, as well as various interest targeting options including bespoke audiences created by our Social Media team.


increase in online sales

The Results

Overall, we were able to deliver an increase of over 60% in online sales of the X-A3 for Jessops.com.

Campaign results were elevated by strong performance, of not only lookalike audiences, but also as a result of the audiences created by targeting bloggers, travellers, keen photographers and smartphone users - key demographics for the brand’s new product offering.

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