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Google Search Advertising (PPC)

Generating sales and brand awareness through Google Ads (PPC) campaigns.


Denmans is an electrical wholesalers who supply electrical installation products to the trade and consumer markets, with 74 branches across England. We created a PPC strategy to help them boost their monthly featured product sales and build awareness of Denmans as the place to get your electrical trade products.


The Solution

We researched keywords that would help generate sales as well as clicks. Some of the products we were advertising had high competition so we had to be fairly niche with the keywords we chose.

We explored a few messaging options to see what worked best for us. Eventually, it came down to having super simple ad copy including the brand, product name and the price Denmans were selling it for.

Banner ad

The Results

As well as a great ROAS of £19,619.20, we also attracted 181 users to find their local Denmans branch on the website from the ads and saw an increase in 12 new trade accounts being opened.

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