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Delin Ventures

Branding and Website

Delin Ventures, part of Delin Group, invest in technology and life science start-ups and needed a brand and website that encapsulated their growing portfolio and funds.

Brand guidelines

The Delin Ventures brand was born out of the wider Delin re-brand project, and we worked closely with the team to ensure Ventures had its own identity and place within the venture capital market. The website needed to act as a shop window for the company showcasing their investment and funds portfolio with a clear focus on technology and life science.

Delin Property Website

The Solution

We worked with the Ventures team to gain a clear understanding of what they needed from their website and how they needed the brand look and feel to portray the company.

We wanted to include movement across the website so introduced video and parallax to easily navigate users through key information.

Visit the Delin Ventures site
Delin Ventures Website

The Results

Delin Ventures has a brand that clearly portrays their specialism in the technology and life sciences sectors with a website where they can easily update the portfolio and team in real-time.

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