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MyWorkplace member onboarding campaign

MyWorkplace was a new digital proposition aimed specifically at Aviva’s workplace pension members. It was a key part of their workplace digital proposition strategy with a significant investment behind it.

Aviva Direct Mail

The campaign aimed to deliver against a business case of achieving an uplift in corporate member registrations over the course of the campaign which equated to an increase of c.200k new registrations.

In addition, they were also aiming to drive up member engagement and the number of log-ins, with a target of increasing the percentage of highly engaged members to 18%.

The success of the marketing campaign was critical to the achievement of these targets – the campaign needed to drive a high level of conversion of unregistered members (c.15% conversion) as well as high log-in rates.

Email and DM

The Solution

Creative concepts explored the key aspects of the new app – and we tested these concepts against each other for a segmented campaign communicating with Aviva pension customers at every stage of their pension journey.

As there were numerous customer variables, we recommended a template-based approach across flyers, direct mail, emails, floor vinyl, online intranet ads, payslip inserts, posters and pull-up banners that could be easily dual-branded by each employer. We also produced two videos to promote the app to employers and employees in a visually engaging way.

The Results

Dual creative concepts combined with the highly segmented nature of the campaign aided a robust test and refine strategy to really pinpoint the hardest working creative and messaging combination. This insight was used to facilitate a percentage uplift in both corporate member registrations and engagement that exceeded expectations.

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