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Vicki Nahajec

Client Services Director

So, what do you do?

I manage the client services side of the business and support our account handling team and their key client relationships. In a nutshell, my days are filled with project briefs, creative conflabs, copywriting and far too many cups of Yorkshire tea!

What has inspired you lately?

Lots of things inspire me every day. It could be amazing travel pics on Instagram that make me want to jump on the next plane and explore another city… it could be something random and hilarious the kids come out with… it could be a stunning piece of old furniture I come across on a visit to a reclamation yard or it could be a really clever TV ad that gets me thinking about what the brief must have looked like and how the creative team might’ve approached that to get to where they did.

You’ve worked at ewe for over 21 years! What is it about this agency that you enjoy so much?

I’d have to say first and foremost it’s the people. They really are a great bunch to spend the majority of your waking hours with! The clients are pretty good too. I enjoy the great work/life balance and the flexibility that allows me to juggle working full-time with being a busy mum of three.

What was the last brilliant idea you had?

To book flights to Lisbon for a cheeky minibreak next month! You’ve got to love a Ryanair bargain.

Vicki Nahajec - Head of Account Management

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