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Phil Crossland

Managing Director

So, what do you do?

I run the business and try not to get in the way…

As the ‘greyest’ of grey hair here I try and selectively give my experience to support the teams in understanding not only what our clients want but what they need.

What's inspired you lately?

Having spent a bit of time in Asia recently I’ve been really amazed at the impact of technology on media and society.

From video ads in tube tunnels that follow the carriage you are on, to how ingenious people are in bypassing the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’. It shows the globalisation of aspiration by how countryside village farm shacks all have broadband but share communal toilets - where is the priority? Quantum computing also fascinates and inspires me - but it gives me a headache trying to keep up with all of this!

What has the last 30 years taught you about advertising?

Nothing is new. Those who know me are tired of me repeating the old David Ogilvy line of ‘Search the world and steal the best’. I always smile when for example I hear of the latest multi-service offering from agencies that will revolutionise the industry (remember full service, integration, orchestration etc etc?) or how the new opportunities in measurability afforded by digital will change client budgets, remember CPR, CPA, CPC - cost per conversion, not click!

Good stories, told well, with relevance and engagement will always be at the heart of our business and it is our job to understand the customers and their motivations.

What was the last brilliant idea you had?

I’m far too modest to possibly comment…

But I can assure you, it was brilliant.

Phil Crossland - Managing Director

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