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Kate Fawcett

Senior Account Manager

So, what do you do?

I’m Senior Account Manager here at ewe, which means I get the lucky job of working directly with our clients. My role, along with the support of our lovely account team, is project delivery and to act as the link between client and creative studio. I’ve been at ewe since March 2019 and love our variety of clients. It means each day is really varied from project planning and client meetings, to creative kick-offs and briefings.

I have a number of previous years’ experience working client-side so like to hope I’m able to relate to our client’s needs and understand what they want from an agency relationship...listen to their needs, exceed expectations and offer additional support.

What's inspired you lately?

Bit of a personal one, but my eldest daughter inspires me daily. She was born with Sotos Syndrome, which means she has a number of additional medical needs and a developmental delay, but she is one of the most enthusiastic and empathetic people I’ve ever met. The determination and eagerness she exudes on a daily basis inspires me to always keep going and try my best, even when I’m having a bad day - just like she does.

I’m coming to Leeds for the first time, what can’t I miss?

After taking a hiatus over in Preston for 15 years, we moved back here in 2017 because we love the Leeds area and wanted to bring our kids up here. For me, the city centre is one of the most vibrant and friendly in the UK. I just love jumping on the train and being within the bustling city centre within 15 minutes.

Personal city centre highlights include:

What was the last brilliant idea you had?

We all cover a wide range of projects with our clients here at ewe, and I’ve used Trello (an online project management tool) in previous roles, so I decided it would be great to introduce it here. We’ve been using it for a while now and we are all able to easily collaborate on workflows, share client notes and manage our own workloads without endless lists and printing off loads of paper.

Kate Fawcett - Senior Account Manager

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