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Jodie Soulsby

Digital Project Manager

So, what do you do?

My official title is Digital Project Manager. However, as we’re a small team, my day-to-day role is much more varied; touching on Account Management, UX, wireframing, email journey planning, and more. I also like to get my nose stuck into other clients and disciplines too - we all work better bandying around ideas that aren’t necessarily our prime skillset.

I’ve also been known to offer a pretty good counselling service to some clients where needed too (although I have no formal training in it).

Whats inspired you lately?

I’m an avid online shopper (I cannot abide traipsing round REAL shops) so I love encountering great online experiences. It’s no secret that I’m a massive ASOS fan in the office thanks to the number of deliveries I get… It’s not an accidental affinity with the company - I find their commitment to ongoing user experience improvements makes me much more likely to keep returning.

The way they have crafted the shopping experience from browsing categories, watching videos of how the clothes move, collating products into boards that I’m considering buying, through to the incredibly easy checkout and payment process proves that it’s not just good enough to work – things should work well and keep being assessed and refined.

Do you agree that a good client relationship is one of the most important aspects of your position?

Completely, once you have developed a good relationship with your clients, it is much easier to work collaboratively on projects to ensure you understand them, their audiences and their aims better; which in turn informs better work from the agency.

As soon as you have a good relationship, egos are left at the door leaving space to question, query and improve… and have a good cuppa and a chat at the same time, which is very important.

What was the last brilliant idea you had?

Being a fan of processes and time efficiencies, I've changed up our household bedtime routine and invested in a bunk bed so that I can get both of my children settled for the night at the same time with one bedtime story... Leaving me more precious time for binge-watching some form of murder mystery instead of Bluey for the five thousandth time!

Jodie Soulsby - Digital Project Manager

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