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Charlie Crossland

Front End Dev

So, what do you do?

I am ewe’s resident programmer, developer and general code guy. I work with the studio designers on all web centred activity ensuring they are fully responsive, efficient, tested and that the end user’s online experience is always at the forefront of our digital projects.

What has inspired you lately?

Web design is constantly evolving. My day-to-day is therefore regularly changing and I always have the opportunity to interact with new tools and learn new skills. I have to keep updated with new techniques and front-end solutions that I can then bring into ewe’s latest projects, inspiration comes from all areas of the internet.

Sites such as:

You love to travel, and have a keen interest in Japan, its culture and language, what was it that first grabbed you about the country?

I’ve travelled around Japan twice and I have a fascination with the language, both spoken and written. Japan has a great culture of hospitality, making everything and everyone feel at ease and providing amazing service. I love that you can walk through an ultra-modern metropolis and suddenly slip down an ancient backstreet to an old-fashioned shitamachi district full of temples and Shinto shrines. And of course the food… I believe that Japan has some of the best, if not the best, food on earth!

What was the last brilliant idea you had?

Ewe does a breakfast butty run every Friday morning, it was my idea to set up an email-order system with our pork and egg based sarnie specialists, this space age system (an email) saves us valuable seconds when making the all important orders, and if made the night before, puts us at the front of the queue.

Charlie Crossland - Front End Dev

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