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Caroline Crossland

Office Manager

So, what do you do?

I’m behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. I also amaze the team with my typing speed – 120wpm seems impressive to self-taught single finger typists!!

What has inspired you lately?

My daughter recently turned vegan and is very environmentally aware, which has definitely rubbed off on me. A trip to the supermarket with her was eye-opening. I now try and buy loose fruit and veg and think twice about what I buy, its carbon footprint and whether or not it can be recycled.

You’ve been part of ewe from the start, what are the most standout changes between ewe 30 years ago and ewe today?

In thirty years the biggest change has been the impact of new technology. We started in a tiny office with a typewriter, a fax machine (shared) and a phone. Getting the first PC and mobile phone was a game changer and if we’d kept all the Macs we have bought over the years, we could start a museum.

You are the undisputed ‘Ewe Bake-off Champion’, what's your top tip for a perfect rise?

Baking is a science. Measure everything precisely! I always pre-prepare the ingredients, double-check them and read through the whole recipe before I even turn on the oven (a bit OCD I know, but it works for me!).

Caroline Crossland - Office Manager

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