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How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Organically

March 2023
Lois Baker

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for reaching professional audiences. A company page can be used to promote your products and services, recruit, network and strengthen your brand reputation. The more followers you have on your company page the greater your visibility and potential influence on the platform. Growing your following on your company page should be a vital part of your LinkedIn social strategy.

Before we share our tips for growing your LinkedIn company page you first you need to optimise your LinkedIn page for SEO. This will boost the Google ranking of your company page, and ensure more discoverability for your brand.

  • Write a tagline that includes keywords that you want to rank for, this can be up to 120 characters.

  • Write a description that includes where your business is based, who your clients are and how you help them, your core offering and any unique selling points.

  • Add a call-to-action button that drives traffic to your website, landing page or personal LinkedIn profile.

  • Upload a good quality page logo, this need to be 300x300 pixels.

  • Upload a cover photo that's relevant and consistent with your company’s branding. The recommended size is 1,128 x 191 pixels – bear in mind that most LinkedIn users will see your page on Mobile, so choose a simple image that looks good on a phone screen

  • In the company overview make sure you add all information including industry, company size, type, phone number and year founded. Pages with complete information will get 30% more weekly views.

  • Get your employees to link your company page in their professional experience section

Post high quality content regularly

Posting regular content on your LinkedIn company page will increase your visibility on LinkedIn, which in turn will increase your engagement. People will want to follow your company page if they feel it’s providing valuable content that they want to keep up to date with. Encourage sharing and commenting as this will make your content visible to your followers’ connections. This will put your content in front of potential new followers.

You also want to share your content in relevant groups whenever possible, this again will broaden your scope for new followers.

Attract traffic your page from outside of LinkedIn

If you want to get more eyes on your LinkedIn company page, try adding a follow button in a strategic place on your website. The most common place for a follow button to sit in on the header or footer. You can also try adding a call-to-action at the end of blog posts to encourage your customers to keep up to date with you blog content on LinkedIn.

You can also attract traffic to your LinkedIn by adding a link in your email signature. Most people who you are emailing already have an interest in your business so they most likely will want to follow your page.

Post video content

Videos on LinkedIn get shared 20 times more than any other content. The LinkedIn algorithm also favours video content and boosts any video posts, meaning video content gets higher engagement.

Make sure your video is optimised for mobile as a majority of LinkedIn are mobile users. LinkedIn recently added support for vertical (portrait) videos, so if you’re already creating portrait format videos for other channels like Instagram reels, try creating some to test in your LinkedIn feed too.

Invite your contacts to follow your page

This method delivers instant results. You can invite your 1st connections to follow your LinkedIn page. All team members who are admin of a page can also invite their connections to follow. Every page is granted monthly invitation credits which are shared across all the admins of the page. Sending an invite to follow your page requires one credit. If the invitation is accepted, the credit is earned back and applied back onto your page’s balance. If an invitation is rejected or withdrawn, the credit isn’t earned back and is removed from your balance.

Tag people and other company pages in your posts

LinkedIn gives you the option to tag both individuals and other companies. Once you’ve tagged someone, they will receive an email from LinkedIn that they have been mentioned in a post. Tagging a company/person increases the chances of them engaging with you. If they find the post that you tagged them in relevant or helpful to them, they’re more likely to like, drop a comment or share your post- boosting the posts engagement.

Encourage employee involvement

Employee advocacy may be the single most powerful tactic to boost your company’s profile on LinkedIn. Ask your employees to promote your company page on their personal LinkedIn account. When your employees engage with your page’s content by leaving comments and sharing posts, this not only amplifies your page’s content, it gives it the added credibility of a personal endorsement from one of your team.

As a LinkedIn page admin, you can let your employees know when you’ve posted on your company page using employee notifications. If your employees have listed your organisation in their work experience on their profile, they will automatically get a notification. This works as a useful prompt to your employees that a new post is available for them to engage with. Also, is an employee has you listed in their work experience, every time they make a new connection, the connection will be promoted to follow your page.

Follow Other Companies in Your Industry

Follow thought leaders in your industry and your competitors. If you continuously engage with their content, they will most likely follow you back.

Engage with your followers

Encourage your followers to comment on your posts. You can do this by asking questions on your posts or using polls. Make sure you reply and engage with your followers once they comment. Not only does this help drive higher feed visibility for the posts, but users will be more likely to follow a company page that is seen to actively engage with its community.

Publish LinkedIn articles and link to your page

Using the LinkedIn article feature is a great way to attract new audiences to your company pages. Articles not only appear in the LinkedIn search feature but also on Google search results.

Another bonus of writing articles is that the LinkedIn algorithm considers dwell time on content as one of the top indicators of engagement. So take the time to write engaging articles that that offer value to your readers and the algorithm will reward you by boosting your content!

Remember to include a call-to-action at the end of your LinkedIn articles to remind people to follow your company page.

Hashtag your posts

Hashtags increase the reach of your posts and grow your followers by putting your content in front of a relevant audience. LinkedIn recommends 3 to 5 relevant hashtags. As you type a “#” into your caption, LinkedIn will suggest tags for you to use based on your content. It may be tempting to create your own hashtags, but using LinkedIn’s suggested ones will maximise your discoverability.